Mom Needs To SING!

Sometimes... I forget who I used to be. The woman who used to sing almost all day, all the time. I have started writing my own songs again, which feels amazing. This little cover video is for a very special friend of mine. Happy St. Patrick's Birthday Don Pearson. I Love You. Casey Jones!


Something Worth Reading

"Linzy, you should write a book!" "Oh my gosh you are so funny." "You have such a good voice!" "You should totally blog more!!!" Guys, I'm trying. I really am, but life. It just sort of gets in the way most days. It's 12:45am, and I'm sitting here praying that Lucas won't be waking up... Continue Reading →

Don’t Burn Bridges!

This is something that I truly believe in. The featured image of this blog post shows me standing behind my ex-husband, Chris. On the left is my ex boyfriend of four years, Steve. The guy to my right is my current husband, Mike. The one I wrote the post "Letting Go" about. I can honestly... Continue Reading →

No Photos, Love.

Guys I can't always post blogs with amazing pictures. That in turn should not stop me from blogging. I have these little things that I like to call mental speed bumps in my life that slow me down, or stop me from doing things. I usually think about what pictures would go good with posts,... Continue Reading →

Lucas’ Art & Update

Did you know that Lucas is on a roll? He's selling so many paintings, and yesterday we were able to make our first $50 donation to The Boston House! It's our turn to give back, so if you are interested in any of his liquid paint pours... head over to his Facebook page! Comment SOLD... Continue Reading →

We’ve Created A Buzz In The UK!?

It wasn't a big deal for us to share our story with the public. We have a unique living situation, that makes for good news apparently. Our plan wasn't to entertain boat loads of gossip. It was to bring awareness to the possibility that living with your ex, and your current spouse can be great... Continue Reading →

The Beach

There's just something about the water that soothes my soul. This week was pretty stressful, not gonna lie. I got a lot done, but yet at the same time I feel like I could have been way more productive. This morning was the first morning where I had planned to wake up early, and hit... Continue Reading →

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