I Know Too Much

Like seriously. Where is my honorary Hematology Nurse degree? Not that I even want it, but I feel like I deserve one for all of the knowledge this brain has soaked up since June 2015. That's almost four years. Not to mention the auto-immune knowledge I had already processed back in 2014 when Lucas had... Continue Reading →


Day +365

October 25, 2017 was the day my son got his life saving bone marrow transplant. Today is his 1 year "Re-Birthday" anniversary. I should be thrilled. We should all be so very happy that he is here, and he is alive. Believe me when I tell you that I'd be heartbroken if he weren't here... Continue Reading →

Goodnight Baby…

Yesterday was hard for me. It started out with a fun shift at work, despite having to deal with laryngitis. When I got home, my husband had to leave for work, and Lucas was just acting out. I hate coming home to that. I just wish I could come home to a happy little boy... Continue Reading →

Hyper Drive (Super Mom’s Auto Pilot)

That feeling over overwhelming exhaustion, mixed with that heightened sense of awareness. You know... The feeling of sleeping with one eye closed. That's how I feel I am when I'm on vacation, or anywhere in public with my son. I'm constantly alert, and attentive to his needs. Because of this, I didn't get good sleep.... Continue Reading →

Where Do I Begin?

I find it really hard to keep up with a blog... I sure hope this one sticks. My life is insane, and I could really use an outlet. So let this be that. Let this be a place of personal venting. I also may decide to share a lot about my life with you. Maybe... Continue Reading →

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