I Know Too Much

Like seriously. Where is my honorary Hematology Nurse degree? Not that I even want it, but I feel like I deserve one for all of the knowledge this brain has soaked up since June 2015. That's almost four years. Not to mention the auto-immune knowledge I had already processed back in 2014 when Lucas had... Continue Reading →


Twas The Night Before Transplant

Like Seriously? Is this even happening right now? No, no it's not.... But it will be happening tomorrow at some point. I don't even know what time this magical bag of donor marrow will be hung here on my 5 year old son's IV pole. I do know it's a 4 hour process that involves... Continue Reading →

Bone Marrow, What?

Is This Really Happening? The time has come. The fantasy of my son just squeaking by on his medications, and looking healthy to the untrained eye... Has come to an end. Lucas will be admitted to The Dana Farber / Boston Children's Pediatric Transplant Center on October 16th. That's less than a month away, and... Continue Reading →

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