Still Can’t Play Open Mic…

Today Harrison has his fourth ABA therapy appointment at our house today. These women are amazing. He has such a great team of educators, and today he just wanted to nurse. So I left the room, which was kind of nice because here I am taking a mom break. I love writing these blogs. It... Continue Reading →


Mental Health

I'm not sure why I haven't written in a while. Maybe it's because I often feel like I have nothing to say. When in reality, I can never shut up. Sometimes I feel like if I'm about to whine, then I shouldn't blog. However that wouldn't be The Wicked Ugly truth now would it? I'm... Continue Reading →

Lucas’ Art & Update

Did you know that Lucas is on a roll? He's selling so many paintings, and yesterday we were able to make our first $50 donation to The Boston House! It's our turn to give back, so if you are interested in any of his liquid paint pours... head over to his Facebook page! Comment SOLD... Continue Reading →

How We Became Truly Blended

The Facts: I had my first daughter Rachel when I was just 16 years old. Chris and I got married on 1/21/11 after 2 months of dating. During our 6 year marriage we had two kids, Lucas & Joanna. After Joanna was born in 2015, the romance began to fade. Lucas spent 4 years in... Continue Reading →

We’ve Created A Buzz In The UK!?

It wasn't a big deal for us to share our story with the public. We have a unique living situation, that makes for good news apparently. Our plan wasn't to entertain boat loads of gossip. It was to bring awareness to the possibility that living with your ex, and your current spouse can be great... Continue Reading →

The Beach

There's just something about the water that soothes my soul. This week was pretty stressful, not gonna lie. I got a lot done, but yet at the same time I feel like I could have been way more productive. This morning was the first morning where I had planned to wake up early, and hit... Continue Reading →

I’m An Autism Mom?

It's 8:33pm, and our oldest daughters are patiently waiting for a ride downtown for a sense of normalcy. They would like to go see some celebratory fourth of July fireworks. Fine, right? In any other family, on any given Sunday, sure. Not here. This is the crazy house. My hands are shaking, and my fingertips... Continue Reading →

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