Now I Wait…

Alrighty then. So here I am waiting in a quiet space on the second floor of a hospital outside of the surgical unit. As I listen to the Patriot's Day film soundtrack, I am reminded of nearly everything we have been through with Lucas up to this point. All of the trauma, the surgeries, the... Continue Reading →



I've been meaning to sit down and plug in for a while now. Sometimes I have so many words but I'm just not ready to let them flow. Today I felt defeated after talking to Lucas' doctor, so it seemed like a good day to document my feelings. This is what blogging looks like for... Continue Reading →

Something Worth Reading

"Linzy, you should write a book!" "Oh my gosh you are so funny." "You have such a good voice!" "You should totally blog more!!!" Guys, I'm trying. I really am, but life. It just sort of gets in the way most days. It's 12:45am, and I'm sitting here praying that Lucas won't be waking up... Continue Reading →

Lucas’ Art & Update

Did you know that Lucas is on a roll? He's selling so many paintings, and yesterday we were able to make our first $50 donation to The Boston House! It's our turn to give back, so if you are interested in any of his liquid paint pours... head over to his Facebook page! Comment SOLD... Continue Reading →

First Podcast Episode!

[podbean type=multi playlist="" skin=0 auto=0 height=315 ] I'm so excited to share this podcast with all of you. It's been a long two days getting everything up and running! Enjoy! xo, linz!  

Bone Marrow, What?

Is This Really Happening? The time has come. The fantasy of my son just squeaking by on his medications, and looking healthy to the untrained eye... Has come to an end. Lucas will be admitted to The Dana Farber / Boston Children's Pediatric Transplant Center on October 16th. That's less than a month away, and... Continue Reading →

I’m All Thumbs

I'm not quite sure how or why this happened to me yesterday, but I believe my left thumb is severely infected. Of course this means that I have suffered from irrational thoughts. What if my thumb explodes? What if it just keeps growing, and a golf ball sized mass appears on my thumb, and it... Continue Reading →


Sometimes it hurts, but it's always better to know the truth. Yesterday was an eye opening journey for me. I chose to be honest, and express my feelings to a few people. I'm glad I was able to get out the things that I had been holding in for many weeks. It was hard to... Continue Reading →

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