1 Door Closed, 3 Opened!

In honor of Autism Awareness Day, I think it's important to raise awareness for parents, and caregivers needs. We can't take care of others if we aren't taking good care of ourselves. Practicing daily self care is necessary. Even if it's only for a few moments. I suggest meditation, yoga, stretching, walking, sunshine, a shower... Continue Reading →


Now I Wait…

Alrighty then. So here I am waiting in a quiet space on the second floor of a hospital outside of the surgical unit. As I listen to the Patriot's Day film soundtrack, I am reminded of nearly everything we have been through with Lucas up to this point. All of the trauma, the surgeries, the... Continue Reading →

Mom Needs To SING!

Sometimes... I forget who I used to be. The woman who used to sing almost all day, all the time. I have started writing my own songs again, which feels amazing. This little cover video is for a very special friend of mine. Happy St. Patrick's Birthday Don Pearson. I Love You. Casey Jones! https://youtu.be/i9spcFGQiv4

Still Can’t Play Open Mic…

Today Harrison has his fourth ABA therapy appointment at our house today. These women are amazing. He has such a great team of educators, and today he just wanted to nurse. So I left the room, which was kind of nice because here I am taking a mom break. I love writing these blogs. It... Continue Reading →

When Life Seems Upside Down…

About a month ago I posted a blog about letting go. I thought for sure that my husband and I were getting divorced. We decided to let go and see how things would would be. During this past month, we naturally found a way to work together without even trying. Which is what we've needed... Continue Reading →

What the Hell is Happening!?

There are so many things going on in my brain, it's complete chaos. At any given moment my brain could just implode. Not explode. Implode, like the Swan Station on LOST. I feel at times that I am losing grip. Mentally, I need a break. I can't get that break. Sure, I do yoga and... Continue Reading →

Something Worth Reading

"Linzy, you should write a book!" "Oh my gosh you are so funny." "You have such a good voice!" "You should totally blog more!!!" Guys, I'm trying. I really am, but life. It just sort of gets in the way most days. It's 12:45am, and I'm sitting here praying that Lucas won't be waking up... Continue Reading →

Don’t Burn Bridges!

This is something that I truly believe in. The featured image of this blog post shows me standing behind my ex-husband, Chris. On the left is my ex boyfriend of four years, Steve. The guy to my right is my current husband, Mike. The one I wrote the post "Letting Go" about. I can honestly... Continue Reading →

Letting Go

Letting go of someone you love is one of the hardest things to do. The decision to stop trying to make things work within a relationship, is a hard one. It's been two and a half years just about since my husband and I first met. Things were easy at first, and then life happened.... Continue Reading →

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