I've been meaning to sit down and plug in for a while now. Sometimes I have so many words but I'm just not ready to let them flow. Today I felt defeated after talking to Lucas' doctor, so it seemed like a good day to document my feelings. This is what blogging looks like for... Continue Reading →


I Know Too Much

Like seriously. Where is my honorary Hematology Nurse degree? Not that I even want it, but I feel like I deserve one for all of the knowledge this brain has soaked up since June 2015. That's almost four years. Not to mention the auto-immune knowledge I had already processed back in 2014 when Lucas had... Continue Reading →

I’m All Thumbs

I'm not quite sure how or why this happened to me yesterday, but I believe my left thumb is severely infected. Of course this means that I have suffered from irrational thoughts. What if my thumb explodes? What if it just keeps growing, and a golf ball sized mass appears on my thumb, and it... Continue Reading →


Sometimes it hurts, but it's always better to know the truth. Yesterday was an eye opening journey for me. I chose to be honest, and express my feelings to a few people. I'm glad I was able to get out the things that I had been holding in for many weeks. It was hard to... Continue Reading →

Public Service Announcement

I feel the need to explain myself, even though I really shouldn't have to. However, I am so sick and tired of receiving messages from people who don't understand the choices that I've made. Please don't judge me, as I would never return that kind of indecency to anyone else. I've always taken pride in... Continue Reading →

Goodnight Baby…

Yesterday was hard for me. It started out with a fun shift at work, despite having to deal with laryngitis. When I got home, my husband had to leave for work, and Lucas was just acting out. I hate coming home to that. I just wish I could come home to a happy little boy... Continue Reading →

When Moms Cry…

Today I just can't get the song "When Doves Cry", out of my head. However, for me today... it's not about the damn doves, it's about me! Supposedly super rockstar mom. Well let me tell you, I cried my eyes out today. I was singing the song to myself in my head as I was trying my... Continue Reading →

Hyper Drive (Super Mom’s Auto Pilot)

That feeling over overwhelming exhaustion, mixed with that heightened sense of awareness. You know... The feeling of sleeping with one eye closed. That's how I feel I am when I'm on vacation, or anywhere in public with my son. I'm constantly alert, and attentive to his needs. Because of this, I didn't get good sleep.... Continue Reading →

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