We’ve Created A Buzz In The UK!?

It wasn’t a big deal for us to share our story with the public. We have a unique living situation, that makes for good news apparently. Our plan wasn’t to entertain boat loads of gossip. It was to bring awareness to the possibility that living with your ex, and your current spouse can be great for your combined children. When we put our story out to the tabloids in the UK, we had no idea that it would be so popular.

Daily Mail Article

Obviously this is not for everyone. Clearly there are many families that can stay together, and just be perfect. Good for you! However, that’s just simply not how my marriage with Chris was meant to pan out. People change as people grow. Some grow apart, while some grow together, and some just meander off to the left of center. For Chris and I, it was just that. We just weren’t on the same page, but we were reading the same book. We are the best of friends, and yes he is an amazing human being.

Being the super dude that he is, we all get to live here in his house. This is what is best for our children. No, this is not a polyamorous living situation. No, I do not sleep with both men. No, these men are not into each other. No, they are not weak nor are they beta male’s. These are two very mature men who decided that they were man enough to live in the same household, to keep their kids together. Oh, and then there’s me. I may be plus size, and I may be lazy. Maybe I’m even a little crazy, but define normal.

Our life is anything but ordinary, but this is our normal. Us parents focus on our children. We want what is best for them. They get to have their mom, and their dad under the same roof. They also get to have another dad in the house. I consider them to be quite lucky. Sure we all have our bad days, but we generally work very well together. Our almost 6 year old son is our greatest challenge, and he is the main focus at the moment. It takes a lot of energy, people, resources, and patience to get through a day with him. He’s got a brilliant mind, and he’s also quite explosive.

He also survived a BONE MARROW TRANSPLANT. He almost died. HE SURVIVED. Can we just sit back and think about the magnitude of THAT for a moment?

I’m not going to comment back to folks, nor will I defend our honor. What we are doing, most people wouldn’t or simply could not do. We get that, but we are lucky! We don’t have to shuffle kids between houses, and we get to help each other out with chores, money, and childcare. This village is awesome, and we pretty much rock. Watch us as we work hard together to make our wildest dreams come true!

I think I’m just gonna leave it at that.


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