Give Kids The World – Day 7

I woke up at 7:30 yesterday morning. I blogged until 8 or so, then Lucas woke up, and he was mad that I was on my laptop. So I conned him into waking up Daddy. Then we spent 20 minutes trying to get him ready to go horseback riding in our village, which he was totally stoked about! We always keep him away from farms, and zoos because of his disease. So he was really excited to do that! His big sister Rachel did it too! She’s such a big kid at heart, and I love that about her.



Rachel, Joey and I had breakfast together while Chris and Lucas went to have pancakes and ice cream. Dad ended up wearing maple syrup, and Lucas didn’t eat much. We all came back to the villa and had a rough time keeping him calm and stimulated while I packed our bag. Sometimes I really think that he’s too smart for his own good. We eventually got him into his car seat kicking and screaming. He thinks he doesn’t need a car seat, and that’s a battle he can’t win! Then we finally got on the road after 11:30. Lucas demanded Dunkin donuts, which was so healthy. Just glad he ate! He seems to be a little tired. Long trip. However I think we all worked together to make he day a special one!!



I don’t know what the heck dunkins does to their egg and cheese wraps, but he won’t eat mine anymore. I’ve even tried to put my little egg wraps in their packaging! So frustrating, but I was just happy to see him eat! He also had a banana in Animal Kingdom, and made me open it like a monkey does, at the bottom split in half, not from the top!!! Joanna took a big nap in the Tula, it kept her warm! Love the baby snuggles! Lucas did get to see some awesome Flamingo’s and some characters too!


It was a very cold and windy day. We bundled up, and went to Animal Kingdom. Joanna was very fussy, she is not a fan of the wind, Tula to the rescue! Lucas wanted to walk. We didn’t stop to see any animal exhibits, and we only hit up 3 rides. It was super difficult. Actually each day is becoming harder than the day before. I think Lucas is done with parks. Although we were able to enjoy his Dino ride, and the big safari ride!! Rachel got to ride Everest, and that made her very happy.

NOTE: The Genie Pass is the equivalent to having a permanent fast pass. Some rides make wish kids wait in the fast pass line. Lucas can’t wait 30 seconds. So if you are having trouble, be kind and explain your situation to the ride attendant, pull up your mommy pants, and get them to escort you to the front of the line. If waiting is going to ruin your child’s day, then advocate for them. The attendants will help you!

We video taped the safari ride, and we saw rhinos, elephants, zebras, and even some hippos! He really enjoyed that. He was really surprised at all of the animals he saw. Very impressed. He was really excited about the elephants. After that we let him buy Safari Mickey and Minnie! He loves them, and then he said that Minnie was for Joanna. He’s too sweet!!! Everyone was ready for a snack so we walked to the van. He didn’t want to get in. So of course I had to piss him off and put him in. He scratched, and he fought but I got him in and settled him down. Then we drove over to the transportation center at Magic Kingdom. Once we got him inside the park, we made our way back into the special Wish Lounge to regroup! Much needed. He was very adamant about leaving and he was very loud. I’m so tired of apologizing to people for his behavior, but this is our normal.



When we got into the park Lucas was on sensory overload and needed to touch everything. He tried on a bunch of hats but none of them fit. He’s got a big head! I realized that we forgot Joanna’s bottle in the car. Sigh. Thank goodness baby care had one for a few bucks and we didn’t even need it. Joanna was happily riding on her daddy in the Tula all night long. She was such a good girl. I can’t even believe how amazing she is. Lucas said he wanted to ride the pirate ride again but went straight for the carousel. After the carousel we went to find Pete’s silly sideshow where Mickey’s house used to be in Toon Town. Remember that? It’s all gone. The Sideshow is just a big circus themed round room for 4 special Meet & Greets. Lucas was able to cut right in front of all 4 lines. Other kids have to choose which line to stand in. Each with a 30 minute or more wait! Sam was incredibly helpful and Lucas met Daisy, Minnie, Goofy, and Donald right away! It was so cute. Instantly he wanted to go behind them and touch their sets, beads, fake items, the bumpy walls, just everything. Then he will turn around and visit with the celebrities, and touch everything on their faces, and costumes. He is getting so good at taking pictures with characters. His cheese face is adorable, as is his kissy face. Then he sticks out his tongue and we know we are done!! What a goober!




Donald wasn’t impressed that Lucas was wearing a Mickey sweatshirt, and seemed uninterested in him. Haha! Then we rode goofy’s roller coaster and Lucas Thor did not like it at all. I actually enjoyed it. I can say I went on a roller coaster. That was enough for me! Then we hopped on the train to head to the front of magic kingdom and meet Mickey. This was his wish, to Meet Mickey Mouse!



Lucas’ wish came true. We saved it for the very end without even planning it. He met a few “Mickey’s” but this one was the real deal. He talked to him, and Lucas thanked him for making his wish come true. We were all crying, and then Mickey came over to me and gave me a hug. I cried some more… They even took a photo of me crying, and hugging Mickey with Lucas. It was such a special moment. The wonder in his eyes, and the joy on his face made every hard moment here worthwhile. Thank You Mickey! Thanks Disney World! What an amazing way to end our last day here. To think we would have left at 4pm before they extended our stay. This all never would have happened. It’s an incredible feeling to be treated so special in such a busy and overwhelming place!

Then we entered the shop and he freaked out when he saw a big Mickey train toy set that we couldn’t leave behind. Thankfully they helped us and we had it shipped home. Then he picked up a few small items, a key chain, a magnet, and a facecloth. You know, one of those little ones that will grow when submerged in water? Yeah, he is psyched about that. Then I had to force him into the stroller because he wanted to “shop” but he was bat shit crazy all of a sudden. He lost his sanity for about 2 minutes. Once he was in safely, I brought him through the store again to see if there was anything else he needed. He didn’t find anything. I told him we could head over to the larger store. He asked me to put a blanket on him. I did just that. Rachel wanted to get a sweatshirt, and when I was checking out at the register, I found two little items that I thought I could use to bribe Lucas to take his meds. Lucas’ wish was to also ride in Mickey’s toon car. They didn’t have one here in Florida. So I grabbed a mini one, and a monorail toy. Chris waved for my attention only to show me that Lucas had fallen asleep right there in the store. He was only in the stroller for about two minutes. Guess he had enough excitement. The electric light parade was about to begin. Oh well.


When I got to the checkout desk, I was helped by a beautiful young lady named Morgan. I asked her if there was any gift wrapping or anything, and explained that Lucas hasn’t taken his medicine this week, and my intentions was to tell him these little tokens were from Mickey. She wrapped them in tissue paper, placed them in a box, and put a Mickey sticker on each side. What she did next was beyond all expectations. Break out your tissues folks, because here comes the Magic of Disney World. She turned her back to me, got on the phone, and then came back to tell me I owed her $57, just for my daughters sweatshirt. (I’m crying here as I type this) Then she handed me the box, and told me that this gift really was from Mickey Mouse, and that he hopes it will help Lucas take his medicine. She said that Mickey wants him to be healthy. I just lost it. She came around and gave me a huge hug. Then another hug. Thank Your Morgan, you are a beautiful person!


We can only hope that it works today! We need to get a dose into him before we fly out later this evening! She went above and beyond, and we will have to send a letter to help the park recognize how wonderful she truly is. I can’t stop crying right now. She is part of the reason why they call Disney World, the most magical place on earth.

Once I walked out of the store, I explained what happened to Chris and Rachel who were both wondering why I was crying. After I was done telling them, we were all crying. Family cry face photo coming at you, are you ready?



Look at us! We are a mess! A mess of happy and hopeful tears. We all love Lucas so much, and of course we all want to see him take his medicine, and get better. We want to have a long and happy life with him. This trip was not easy, but we as a family grew a little closer, and work together to make our bond a little tighter. We are all in this together. We all have bad days, but we are also all full of love for each other even when everything seems like it’s falling apart.

We were all able to watch the magic light parade before we left which was nice. I got a nice video of it to show Lucas. We all piled into the car, came home to our villa for one more night, ate some food. Lucas transferred right to bed without waking up. Joanna got all washed up! What a happy baby she is! She’s been teething this whole time! She almost has her first tooth. She puts up with everything we do, and just goes with the flow. I’ve been bringing her right into the shower with me. I sit on the handicapped chair, and just let the warm water flow onto her precious baby soft skin! She’s awesome. She doesn’t even make a peep when her brother let’s out those glass shattering screams. She’s used to it by now. She also knows she’s loved!! This kid is so cute, we got her a Baby Minnie Mouse toy and she started screeching and talking to it right away. She is a Disney kid, and I can’t wait to bring her back here when she is a little older. For now we will share these memories with her as she grows. Each kid got a pin for their lanyard from the wish fairy as well to commemorate this incredible journey.




Yup. That’s our happy naked baby girl! Haha! Today we will be leaving. This morning I have to go hand in our video camera, and they will give us a disk with all of our video on it. I also have to figure out how to access the rest of the pictures they took of Lucas here in this village. Then we will pack, and enjoy our day here until we have to head to the airport by 4:30 or so. We fly out at 7:50pm tonight. Can’t wait to get home to the snow. Can you sense a hint of sarcasm here?

Whatever we do, I hope we can come together and make it a special day for all. This guy needs to wake up! It’s almost 9am and Lucas is still asleep. We have to checkout by 11. Rachel woke up sick, and we are kind of annoyed because she is the worst hand washer ever, Lucas hasn’t had his meds, and we are all going to be very close together today. In the van, on the airplane… We can’t escape Rachel’s cough. Hopefully the little kids will be okay, and hopefully my husband won’t catch it as he has ZERO days he can take off from work now, and he has to go back tomorrow after what will probably be a long day today… Packing, sight seeing, and traveling home. Oh the places we will go…

Lucas just woke up, and he seems to be in a good mood… Which is incredible. OUTSTANDING, we can only hope to keep him happy! This is the first day in quite a few that he woke up with a smile. He’s talking about all the kisses he gave to Daisy and Minnie last night! He’s SO cute. SO SO Cute. Oh how to enjoy our last day. Seaworld? Lego Land? Stay here at the end of village? Walmart? Haha… Gator World? Not sure yet but I hope it’s a positive experience and that we can get him to take his medicine and give him his special present from Mickey Mouse.




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