Give Lucas The World – Day 4

The Gingerbread House Mishap

Finally, we all woke up feeling refreshed after a good nights sleep. Here are some helpful tips for future GKTW families that want to go have a nice family breakfast:

  1. Expect the unexpected.
  2. Don’t wear the clothes you plan on wearing to the parks all day.
  3. When your “Wish Kid” gives you an orange juice shower, you smile!

Lucas doesn’t really like the breakfast food here. He also doesn’t enjoy waiting for the rest of us to finish eating. Luckily, Rachel was able to take him out to the carousel while we finished feeding the baby. Let me tell you, I feel fresh in my pants… Citrus fresh.

We need to go bring our pillow card to the star fairy, and go get cleaned up. Universal Studios awaits! Before we left, we came back to our villa to get cleaned up, and ready for our day. Rachel took Lucas across the street to the playground while we got ready. Thank God for her, and that playground or we’d be stinky and gross each day. He loves it over there, and I love that it’s safe. We noticed that the Wish Fairy dropped off a surprise for Lucas while we were at breakfast. His star card came in. Which means we now know his exact location for his Wish Star that will be in the Castle of Miracles forever here at Give Kids the World. We cried our eyes out when we realized that his star is in the realm titled CUPCAKE. If any of you know our story, you know that we call our baby girl Cupcake. Lucas also calls himself, Lucas Thor Kelley Cupcake. The whole cupcake thing happened last year at the hospital, when his roommate called him Lucas Cupcake. It stuck. How did the Wish Fairy know? Guess some things are just meant to be. We will go see the star tomorrow.

Universal Studios

We were all very excited about heading to Universal. Lucas just couldn’t wait to meet Spongebob. We let him walk all the way through City Walk with his harness on, and he just kept beaming. He loves being able to walk through the parks like a big boy. Every time someone stares at him, I just flash my best smile at them. Usually, we get big smiles back, and they understand that he’s “special”. I could really care less about what others think. Once we got to Guest Services and scooped up our actual tickets, we noticed a fountain that was full of money! Then my husband saw that all the money that gets donated into the fountain goes right to Give Kids the World. So of course we had to stop for a pic!

Once we entered we stopped and got our special photo pass card. There aren’t as many professional photo opportunities in Universal, so I took a lot of video. I also took as many cell phone pictures as I could. I can’t wait to gather all of the professional pics and share! However… I don’t do too badly myself. Here’s my beautiful shot of the entrance:


Once we were inside we walked straight down Hollywood Boulevard. Lucas was blown a kiss from Betty Boop, and he blew one right back. Then he blew a kiss to me, and about seven other people until we got to the corner of that block. Then Rachel had to take a selfie of her in front of the epic Hollywood sign. Why not? Beautiful girl. Hope she’s having fun. It’s very difficult to do the things that we want to do, and still keep Lucas happy. Luckily for Rachel she will be back here in April with her high school marching band. So I don’t feel TOO badly if she can’t ride everything she wants to on this trip. Lucas is TOUGH.


When we walked into Spongebob’s dome, Lucas was SO pumped that his pineapple house was inside! I asked the woman at the desk when he would arrive, and she said “In about two minutes”. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN!? Magic, that’s how. Then I hear someone say, “Celebrity, coming through… Excuse me folks.” So I quickly said, “I have a WISH KID right here”, and the man said, “Right this way”. Lucas grabbed that famous yellow hand and walked all the way over to the photo area. Spongebob was so cute with him. Lucas was in awe. Rachel was gleaming as well. It all happened so fast, I don’t have pictures. YET.

My favorite ride was always ET. When I was pregnant with Lucas, I went on it three times. I cried because it made me so happy. Maybe it was because I couldn’t go on many rides because I was SO pregnant and uncomfortable. Or maybe it’s something they put in the fog, because let me tell you, it happened again this time around. We have an all access pass for this park, and we get to just cut any line. Yes, even the fast pass lines. Waiting 30 seconds, is like 3 hours for Lucas. We couldn’t be here without this preferential treatment. It’s incredible, and everyone is SO nice to us. As soon as we flew up to the moon, I was in tears once again. That ride just hits home I guess. Lucas was SO excited about it, he had to go on it twice. I let Dad go the next time. We got some special photos done that we will share soon, but for now enjoy this one. We could NOT get him out of ET’s closet. He just kept trying to play with all of his toys. The staff was very understanding. Once they were done, we got a quick one of the girls, and Lucas picked up a little mini ET stuffed toy.


After ET, we started heading towards the Harry Potter train. However we soon realized that Universal built SPRINGFIELD. This made my husband very happy! Then we noticed that the whole Simpson’s family was out for a meet & greet! We walked up to the exit, and showed our little pass, and BAM. We were escorted straight to them, as others were in line for 30 minutes or more. I feel bad at times that we get to cut in. However, without that possibility he wouldn’t get to meet anyone, because he just can’t wait. He loved meeting them so much. He just could not stop trying to steal Marge’s purse. This kid has a total future in pick pocketing. He’s a little thief! Can’t wait to see the pictures they took.


I did take a big video of Springfield, so that will be on our Youtube channel once we gather everything together and edit all of the footage. They did a fantastic job. My husband was very impressed. He found the Duff Man! So Awesome! I just wish I could really thank these characters for the special time they gave us. They rush people through all day long, and when we get in there… They spend like 10 minutes with us. It’s incredible. INCREDIBLE.


We finally made it towards the Harry Potter stuff. I’m not a huge fan, but I can appreciate the sets they built. They are absolutely breathtaking. Lucas enjoyed walking up and down each stoop. He tried to open every door. He didn’t understand that there was nothing behind them. He’s too cute. He thinks everything is real. As he should.


Chris & Rachel LOVE Harry Potter. So I had to take one for the team, and let them go on the Gringott’s roller coaster ride. They had to wait in a bit of a line. I parked the two strollers facing me in a tight little spot, and cornered myself in between the two little kids and all of our bags, and important things. Both Lucas & Joey were hungry, so I took turns feeding each of them their favorite snacks, and drinks. It was cute because when one was eating, the other was fussing, and vice verse. It made me smile. Once they were both fed, Joanna was grunting, so I knew she needed a diaper change. Then Lucas said to me, “I need to go back to the hotel so I can poop”, and I told him he could poop right there. He proceeded to tell me, “If I don’t get out of this stroller, I’m going to poop everywhere, and it’s going to get all over my stroller”. I swear to God this kid is more eloquent than I am half the time. He’s gifted for sure. So out he came, into my TINY corner. I explained to him that there were tons of people around, and it wasn’t safe to move everything without help. Surprisingly he listened, and Joanna was being patient.


Despite the scary fire breathing dragon above our heads, it was a good place to hide. He stood up and did his business, and then I had to make him lie down on a towel (Go mom for bringing one), and do a change right there in my tiny little corner, on a step in Diagon Alley. He was anxious because he didn’t want anyone to see his bum. ET to the rescue!


After he got cleaned up, I told him that I needed to change Joanna. He did not want to get back into the stroller, and I explained to him how dangerous it could be if we lost him. He screamed in my face, and did some other not so nice things. We got through it, and I had to force him back into his seat. As I was buckling him up, I noticed other people around me quickly walking away to save their ear drums. Again, it just made me laugh. This is my life.


Phew. Mission accomplished. Joanna’s change was a breeze, and Lucas settled down. Shortly afterwards we were reunited with Chris & Rachel once again. That 30 minutes was hard, and I admit I was a little frazzled afterwards. However I am proud of myself. I am Super Mom! Chris & Rachel deserve to have some fun as well. Me? I can wait. (I’m enjoying typing up this blog at 6am when I should be sleeping, but it’s so worth it to save these memories while they are still fresh in my mushy mom brain). Time For That TRAIN. Unfortunately we got the runaround, and got stuck in the main queue for strollers, and Lucas was having a major meltdown. My husband said the line was moving, and I thought to myself, not fast enough. So I did what any mother (with a background in high profile music event security) of a special needs child would do. I started opening the chains, and did the reverse double skate. I got us out of that zig zag line, and into the disabled line in 3 minutes flat. Boom. My husband was impressed. He smiled and said, “Well, that’s one way to do it”. The staff was looking at me, and just let me get through, and then helped us get to the damn elevator. I don’t screw around. I get from A to B. Once we were upstairs, we were in the wrong line, and had to wait for two trains to pass by. Luckily it’s only 4 minutes. However it was like an eternity for Lucas, So we let him out of his stroller, and let him sit and watch in front of the locked gate. I kept him there by giving him mini M&M’s until we were able to board the train, which was pretty damn cool, and even had time to scarf down a half of a sandwich each. Good Times! We have cool video from this area that we will also be sharing on YouTube when we get home.

Once we got off the train, Lucas kept asking for M&M’s. He’d eat the green ones, give Chris & Rachel the brown ones, and he gave me the blue ones. So thoughtful. However we had to keep stopping every six or seven steps in order to play the M&M game over and over again. However we just smiled. At least he was sharing! He’s so damn cute!


Had to share this one of my dear husband taking a selfie in front of the 9 3/4 platform.


This awesome area above distracted Lucas for a few minutes while we were able to stop for some water, and take our own medicine. Gotta take care of ourselves so we can keep our boy happy. All he wanted at this point was to get to Dr. Seuss’ Landing! He had no idea what he was going to see, but he knew he wanted to see The Cat in the Hat. We missed that Meet & Greet, so we will probably try to hit that up today, along with the Minions! That’s okay though because we went on all of the rides in the Suess Landing, and had an absolute blast until the park closed. Joanna had another bottle, and was such a good girl. Lucas loved the carousel. He rode it 3 times, and he also went on the cool fish ride. WE FINALLY FOUND LUCAS’ FAVORITE RIDE. The Cat In The Hat Ride – Imagine That! He rode it 5 times in a row! Chris and I had to keep switching because we were getting dizzy. We finally had to tell him that the ride was closed, and that we’d come back the next day. When he hit the gift shop, we dropped $60 on Cat in The Hat toys, and we got him a special pin for his lanyard as this was where he had the most fun so far. What an awesome day. He made me video tape the whole ride so he can watch it everyday for the rest of his life.


On the way out we knew we wanted to quickly look for some sweatshirts. Chris and I didnt want Disney ones. he wanted a Star Wars one but they didn’t have it in his size at Hollywood Studios.We stopped in the Universal Store and BAM we found them. I got an awesome dark grey zip up with hot pink stitched, Universal Studios lettering on it. It’s stretchy, and warm inside but not too thick. Just the way I like my hoodies. Chris got an awesome DUFF Beer hoodie with a special pocket for a beer, and a bottle opener. So silly, but he loved it. He found it so amusing, and I did too. As we were walking out of the park and into the City Walk, we saw Margaritaville and discussed how it’s our 5th anniversary and even if we could just have one drink, we’d be stoked. I joked and said, “Can I get a Margarita To Go”, which is something I often joke about. No joke, there it was: Margarita’s TO GO! Are you kidding me? Chris & I split that $15 margarita, and had a mini “night before our anniversary” celebration right then and there.


We let Lucas walk out of the park, so he could enjoy the Jetson’s movers. That’s what I call them anyways! He thinks those are so cool, just like I always have. So we had fun while Chris and Rachel pushed the strollers. We got him into the van, which was NOT easy. He kinda flipped out before. I’m sure he didn’t want to leave. We had SUCH a great day. With a wonderful day, there are also moments that aren’t so great. Mainly because he was so tired I’m sure. I want to tell you that we went back to our hotel and had a beautiful evening and lived happily ever after. That is just not our reality.


This kid is so beautiful when he sleeps. When we got back to our villa, he played with his new toys with Rachel, while I made his medicine, and ordered dinner. I still can’t get over how amazing it is here. Free food, delivered to our door. I am going to spare you the gory details of our evening. Let’s just say it was horrible, and he didn’t get his medicine. However, both kids had a bath and slept well. We will leave it at that. I woke up around 5 and just could not fall back asleep. So here I am writing this blog to share our story with the world. I’m glad i can do this. It makes me happy. Today is a very special day for my husband and I. We are going to make sure it’s great. We plan on heading back to Universal to do what we didn’t do yesterday. So here’s to another GREAT day!



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  1. Linzy thank you again for sharing. I am so happy you arent letting the stares of others or whatever effect you!!! Your attitude is on point! Keep it up. I am off to catch up with day #5!!!

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