Give Lucas The World – Day 2

Chef Mickey

Lucas wished to meet Mickey, and go for a ride in his toon car. That wasn’t possible, so they set us up with a Character breakfast at Chef Mickey’s at the Contemporary Hotel in Disney World. It’s a beautiful place, and the food was awesome. However, trying to get Lucas sit for any meal is an ordeal. Luckily, Give Kids the World gave us a camcorder to borrow, and document our trip with. So we have plenty of fun shots of Lucas dancing, and talking to Donald, Pluto, Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy.


It was a great experience, but can I please admit that I’m glad it’s over? It’s just very difficult for our family to dine out. This was a special occasion for sure. The rest of our meals will probably be in our Villa, as we can just call up for Boston Market or Papa John’s delivery anytime we want! Next Stop:

Magic Kingdom

When we first got into MK, we stopped at Guest Services. This poor kid, hurry up and wait, wait, wait. He was so good, and patient. We finally got our strollers tagged as wheelchairs, so we could get through the rides with ease. Being able to stay together, and not leave our strollers or belongings behind is very convenient! Thank you Claire! (Again, yes. Another Claire. Like from Lost, only not.) She sent us straight off to Fantasy Land, to ride Peter Pan. Lucas’ very first ride. Watching his little face light up is worth every single ounce of stress we had endured during our travel day, and the long morning we had. Below is a photo of The Beast’s castle! Everybody always posts the big one… I had to be different.


Lucas really enjoyed the ride, and he also went on the Seven Dwarf’s Mine ride! I thought that was going to be too fast for him, but he seemed to enjoy it! We know he usually has no fear, but this was all so new and overwhelming. He is such a good sport! Magic Kingdom finally completed Prince Eric’s castle, and the new Under The Sea ride! Joanna and I hopped on a clam shell, and enjoyed every single second of that ride. I guess Lucas didn’t really like Ursula. Maybe she reminded him of me when I get mad. Hah! It was so magical. I could go on that ride a hundred times, and never get bored of it. Joanna’s first ride was also a major success. She was talking, and singing.

Before we knew it, time had flown right by. It was almost 4pm, and the kids were getting cranky and tired. Having two strollers actually worked out very well. It was nice for us to have a spot for Joanna to relax and take a nap. She really seemed to enjoy taking in all of the sights. She had two naps today in the stroller. Thank goodness. The TULA also came in very handy!! We still needed to chill out and regroup. So we decided to head on down to the very special, and private Wish Lounge.


I can’t even begin to express how nice this was for our family. We spent over thirty minutes in the lounge. It was a great space to relax, rest, regroup, have some water, and plan out what we were going to do next! Those big giant pillows on the floor were so much fun to lay around on! The stained glass photo of the GENIE is just gorgeous. Sometimes you have moments where you just don’t know if maybe you should leave the park, and head back to your hotel. This room definitely helped us get some more time in at the park. It was really special to us. We will never forget it. Off to TOMORROW LAND:


The People Mover was my favorite ride in the whole park when I was pregnant with Lucas. It was so nice to be able to take him on it, out of Utero. Rachel has been a great big help on this trip. Sometimes I put too much pressure on her, and I expect too much of her. It’s nice to see her enjoying herself too. She’s actually back at Magic Kingdom right now with Chris. They decided to go back after we got back. Lucas gave up after the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Which was totally find with me! He was tired, and had a great day. We are going to hit up Hollywood Studios tomorrow, and then head back to Magic Kingdom (we hope) to take him on so many rides that we didn’t get to today! Guess we shall see how tomorrow goes!

I will leave you with some selfies, and Pirate stuff.




ARRRRRRRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHH. When Lucas got off this ride, he told me that there was a kitty drinking beer. He’s just way too smart for his own good.


Time for me to get myself to sleep so I can hopefully SLEEP.

Tomorrow we also have to stop and visit the Star Fairy before we head out!

More on that tomorrow!


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