Almost Midnight…

Oh Lucas… You are lucky that you are so cute. You are quite a beautiful boy. I just wish you could sleep through the night. You are almost 3.5, and you still wake me up 6-8 times a night. Once in a while you do this thing where you wake up in the middle of the night and decide that sleep is just not a necessity…

He was asleep. He sure was. Of course I took my night time medicine, and I was all warm and snuggled up in our bed. He suddenly decided that the iPad is way cooler than sleeping.  

I totally wouldn’t have minded if he just stayed in bed and watched the damn iPad. At least I could have rested that way. Instead I am forced to sit upright after 11 o’clock at night to watch Little Einsteins. It could be worse… We could be watching Barney.

Doesn’t Lucas know that we need to get up early tomorrow and go out to do some light shopping? Doesn’t he know that I need to do my chiropractic stretches? Doesn’t he know that I need more than an hour of sleep at a time? 

How long will we be up tonight? I sure hope it’s not too long. I’m so tired that I don’t even want to go get my computer to update my blog theme, or work on my book. I just want to sleep. I can remember when all I did was sleep all day. Those were the days. Migraine free days. Sigh.


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