Tula, Lillebaby, Beco, Ergo, Bjorn… AH!

There are SO many gosh darn baby carriers on the market right now! They all have great features, but which one is the best? Tula’s have awesome prints, but you can only do two carries in them. Bjorn’s are impossible to nurse in, but they sure do make your baby feel super light. Kinderpack’s are almost impossible to get, and they only hold up to 50 pounds. So which one do we get? Which one should YOU get? Try them, try them all! Every baby is different, and so is every Mama. Every Mom & Baby combo are also different. Maybe you should be wrapping your baby up high on your back… Maybe Susie Q should be in a ring sling. So many people have so many opinions. Babwearing is a hot topic at the moment. Tula’s are all the rage right now, but honestly your quest for the right carrier shouldn’t be based on high school motives. It’s not about the brand, it’s about the fit. It’s about holding your baby close, and having two free hands. Sure, if it’s cute… Kudos! If it’s comfortable and affordable, that’s what matters most. 

I feel like I’ve been caught up in a rage of crazy Mom’s, and I’m finally able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Lillebaby seems to be that light for us. They are less expensive than Tula’s, and they are way more versatle. Lillebaby has some cute prints from to time, and they also have a new embossed line which are super gorgeous. We just got our son the Carry On from a sweet shop called Pipsqueak Consignment & Baby Boutique! You should definitely look them up on Facebook, and shop small! It’s important to keep your local stores in business! There are so many smaller retailers that sell the bigger name carriers! Sometimes you can even score free shipping, and free gifts with a carrier purchase depending on what promotions the shops are running! 

Lucas has gained ten pounds in the last two months because of his new medications he has to take for CGD . It’s so sad because he’s now 48 pounds and he just turned 3 years old. He likes to be worn, and it’s very helpful sometimes to do so. Some people think I’m nuts for trying to carry him at this age. However, it’s ten times harder to try to carry him in my arms when I’m trying to shop, get things done, and keep him away from germs! I just like having him off the floor! The Lillebaby Carry On holds kids up to 60 pounds! It also comes with a lumbar support pad to help dispurse the weight of your child accross your back and shoulders! Super helpful. Lucas likes to be worn on the front of me so we can hug and snuggle. So that lumbar support, is clutch! LOOK HOW HAPPY HE IS!

Lillebaby Carry On
 Pardon my appearance! 

OMG! Tula just revealed a sneak peek of their Wrap Conversions that are going to be stocked on Sunday night. They are SUPER duper hard to get, and quite expensive. These ones are woven… So they are softer and more comfortable for baby, but some say they are also less supportive. They are also easier to damage, as the woven fabrics can get snagged on things and then you are shit out of luck trying to fix that, and the resale value just went down the pooper! This is where they get you though… SO PRETTY!

They only stock 1-3 of each design. Thousands of Mama’s try to get them all at once. This makes them SO sought after, and some people do score them… Then they “flip” them. Yep! That’s right. You can “flip” a Tula. Just like a house. It’s so crazy. I bet some people do this like it’s their job! If they can get them. I’ve tried for months. Can’t seem to get my hands on one. Maybe someday. I LOVE the stars. LOVE stars. However, I’ve never actually tried one so I don’t know if I would even like them. Okay, mind blown. Back to the Lillebaby conversation!

I think I should just give up on the whole Tula idea. My little girl really loves to face out and see the world. Can’t do that with a Tula. You can also do a hip carry, which you can’t do in a tula. AND you can criss cross the straps in the back to make nursing a bit easier, which you also cannot do with the Tula. It’s like buringin a hole through your wallet to buy those super awesome brand name high heels and then realize that those ugly supportive flats were the better offer. Beauty is pain people! I never fell into that trap luckily. Linzy in heels is much like a cow walking on tooth picks. Not attractive, and not safe. I have heels… Cute ones too. They usually only come out once or twice a year. True Story. I’m starting to feel a love hate relationship with my Tula. Yes, it’s adorable but I just wish I had more options. 

  I also feel like the suck pads I had made by Scoots McGhee, don’t match too well. The octopus on them actually match the seahorse Lillebaby perfectly! I think they would look super cute on that carrier too! It’s time to sell my Tula. It is. It’s time. Joanna is going to grow like a weed and I would like to have something to better accomodate her. I also like the advantage of giving her a more narrow seat. Which she totally needs. See how the Tula is rubbing her leg? It’s supposed to go from knee to knee, but it’s much farther. Her little legs are shorter, and I feel bad. 
I really can’t believe I care about baby carriers so much. It’s honestly the most insane obesession I’ve had in years. I really like to review products on Youtube for people to check out. So I will absolutely post a video of the Lillebaby carrier on there when I get some free time in the daylight to make a good one! I could even do a comparison video of the Tula Toddler vs. Lillebaby Carry on. That would be a good one!

I really like having this blog. I like having a place to sort out my thoughts. I fully realize now that what I need is a comfortable, versatile, and good looking baby carrier. I guess I’m not a #basictulamom after all, and I think I’m okay with that! 


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