DIY Ice Dyed Tula Billow Baby Carrier

So I’m not the craftiest crunch ball in the world, but this I can do! If I c an do it, so can you! I purchased a standard, and a toddler Tula baby carriers in the black and white print called BILLOW. I had seen the job done online and loved the mermaid scale effect it gives! So I decided to do it myself, with a little help from my family of course 😉 

Step One: Soak your carrier in a bucket of soda ash fixer for 24 hours. 1 cup of soda ash per gallon of water. Wear gloves! Then toss the carrier in a spin cycle in your washer, don’t rinse. 

 Step Two: Figure out what you’re going to do the job on. I chose baby gates because that’s what I had at home. You basically need something for the carriers to lay on, so the liquid can drip through. Some people use buckets. 

Step Three: Frame the carrier edges in tin foil to make a wall so the ice doesn’t fall out everywhere. 


Step Four: Drop a ton of ice on it!

Step Five: Generously sprinkle fiber reactive dye powder all over the ice. 

Step Six: Make sure all the ice is covered in powder. Once you have your desired color placement. Let the ice melt. 


IF YOU DONT LIKE HOW IT LOOKS: Add more ice and powder, but I wish I didn’t. The top left of the pink and purple carrier would have been so pretty if I didn’t add so much dark purple to it 😦 So maybe you should just let it be… You can always add more later, but you can’t take it away easily!

Oh and don’t touch the ice cubes with bare hands!! Certainly don’t touch two different color jobs with the same dirty hands (BAD LINZY)

Step Seven: As soon as the ice melts, carefully put carriers in trash bags and tie it shut. Then it needs to batch for 24-48 hours. Batch is just a fancy word for: WAIT A LONG ASS TIME! 

Step Eight: Get ready to wash! 

I decided to do 3 washes. The first wash I did was just a cold delicate cycle with no soap. 

Then I decided to do two HOT washes with regular laundry soap. Hot water helps to get rid of excess dye! I also ran my wshing machine by itself with soap in between dye jobs and before regular laundering again. 

Step Nine: Let it air dry!! 

Step 10: Have a drink, you’ve earned it!!!!!

I belong to the Facebook group: Dyed Baby Carriers. They have tons of files you can read!! Super helpful! Also, I used very high quality dye powder from Dharma Trading co. 


Turquoise, Bahama Blue, Kelly Green, Bright Green, and Robins Egg Blue for the Toddler Tula. 

Light Red, Orchid, Blue Violet, Razzleberry, and Hot Pink for the Standard Tula. 

If you want more info, or a custom dye job. Please visit my website for more info.


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