The Cut

The Haircut

Sometimes in life… You just need a change. Maybe that change will do you good. Sheryl was so right. Over a year ago I got my hair cut sort of like this by the amazing Erica. Then over the course of the months that followed, I experimented and cut more and more off. Then I decided to grow it out… Then I got pregnant. Then my son was hospitalized, and I began to let myself go. I gave birth to Joanna in April of this year, and I was too busy to see myself anymore. Not in the way I used to. I put myself on hold, and that’s okay. Yesterday I picked myself up, dusted myself off, and now if I could only find the time to play my guitar I’d be golden. The point of this whole post is this: Don’t Forget Yourself. Ever. No matter what happens in life, you gotta deal with it. So you might as well look good, and feel good during whatever life throws your way. Don’t worry for a second about what someone else thinks. Do you. And that’s that.


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